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Let us help you get started on all your Travel Protection needs.

Student Health Insurance plans can help keep students healthy at an affordable price.

Our student health insurance plans provide the coverage students and scholars need.

Our commitment to schools, students and scholars and our vast experience in student health insurance plans allow us present highly acceptable student health insurance solutions.

When seeking college student health insurance, the number options available to you can be overwhelming. This is where StudentInsure.com can help. By providing you information about a variety of insurance plans, we provide you, the student or scholar, (whether domestic or international) with access to the detailed information you need.

If your school is already part of the student insure program and you know your School ID, please enter it below and click the Go button. This will take you to your school's home page. Otherwise, please call 1-888-301-9289 or e-mail info@studentinsure.com to get your School's ID number.

If you have specific questions regarding the aquisition of student insurance, you may call 1-888-301-9289 or e-mail info@studentinsure.com

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